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Sketchbook page: Spring Mountain landscape

This was an attempt at depicting a specifically spring like mountain scene when the mountain flanks are putting on this intense fresh vivid green.


Sketchbook page: Summer Meadow

This sketchbook painting (in gouache) is a response to the spotty, speckled aspect of a Northern Hemisphere summer. 

Sketchbook page: Details from an Autumn Garden

This sketch, in artist grade pigment ink pens, is a loose sketch of details I noted in the sparse, semi-wilting beds of Dublin's Botanic gardens.


Sketchbook page: Spring Seascape

This seascape sketch (using artist grade brush pens) expressed a late spring yearning for days spent beside the sea but adhered to an early spring "cool" colour palette.

Sketchbook page: A Blue House

This sketchbook painting (in Acryla Gouache) is inspired, no doubt, by my current preoccupation with houses (as I am in the process of moving house). A sketchbook is a also a diary in a sense and often, in overt and covert ways, by quotidian life intrudes onto its pages.


Sketchbook page: Botanical Garden Hedge-lined Beds

In this pigment brush pen sketch I am responding to the Botanic gardens in autumn when many of the elaborate former flower beds are reduced to their basic architecture by the ravages of the season.

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