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A Botanic Phase

I have decided to begin this website with work that relates to my interest in all things botanic. This is the work that quarantine produced somehow and so it is my curious testimony to that (ongoing?) period.

I suppose we have all looked for something to comfort us during this time, and for me one of those things was of course drawing and painting of course, but also, as it wasn't possible to paint and draw people or social situations to the same extent, I found myself gravitating towards gardens, parks, and botanic gardens, and found myself drawing grasses, leaves and ferns. Many of us have been out walking, walking dogs or ourselves, and loitering to various extents in that relavitely safer zone: the outdoors.

We have been separated from each other, and from ourselves even, and for me, it was interesting to explore spaces that seem soothing in a new way. Visiting them under these circumstances we see them in a new light. Many people have been forced into an interior zone they don't normally choose to inhabit, but for artists, it is also an opportunity in certain respects: an opportunity to reflect and re-vist.

Many of the pieces presented on this website are notations on the run, impressions, and (sometimes) memories. I am really beginning at my roots (ahem) which is the sketch - the form that is most available to the garden and park loiterers of 2021.

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